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the main text or in a footnote a translation into English should always accompany the". There are other geile behaarde vrouwen templates here for tagging sections or entire articles. Sexdate, man zoekt vrouw, hallo welke vrouw of meisje wil graag geeft worden ben man 47 ik zal weten hoe een vrouw het wil. Even if you're sure something is true, it must be verifiable before you can add. If needed, ask an editor who can translate it for you. Newspaper and magazine blogs Several newspapers, magazines, and other news organizations host columns on their web sites that they call blogs. 7 Unpublished materials are not considered reliable. For the external links essay, see WP:Twitter-EL.

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Do not reject reliable sources just because they are difficult or costly to access. Verifiability and other principles Copyright and plagiarism Further information: Wikipedia:Copyright, Wikipedia:Plagiarism, Wikipedia:Copying within Wikipedia, Wikipedia:MOS Attribution, and Wikipedia:cite In-text attribution Do not plagiarize or breach copyright when using sources. This policy also applies to material published by the subject on social networking websites such as Twitter, Tumblr, Reddit, and Facebook. Ik namelijk wel en heb wel zin om lekker warm gemaakt te worden! Telefoonsex en/of Webcamsex, het is allemaal mogelijk. Confirm that these sources support the content, then use them directly. When"ng any material, whether in English or in some other language, be careful not to violate copyright ; see the fair-use guideline. 3, attribute all"tions and any material whose verifiability is challenged or likely to be challenged to a reliable, published source using an inline citation. A b Sources that may have interests other than professional considerations in the matter being reported are considered to be conflicted sources. All articles must adhere to npov, fairly representing all majority and significant-minority viewpoints published by reliable sources, in rough proportion to the prominence of each view. Once an editor has provided any source that he or she believes, in good faith, to be sufficient, then any editor who later removes the material has an obligation to articulate specific problems that would justify its exclusion from Wikipedia (e.g., why the source. Whether and how quickly material should be initially removed for not having an inline citation to a reliable source depends on the material and the overall state of the article.

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