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Callen and former MMA fighter turned E! 034: Guest Chris D'Elia: "God Particle Testicle Fish". Do not make a section whose sole content is box-type templates. The names and orders of section headings are often determined by the relevant WikiProject, although articles should still follow good organizational and writing principles regarding sections and paragraphs. Whatever the validity of the original rationale, there is now the additional factor that readers have come to expect the appendices to appear in this order. Hatnotes, deletion/Protection tags cSD, prod, AFD, PP notices maintenance / dispute tags, infoboxes. Lead images should usually be no larger than upright1.35. A b Gleib, Ben (July 11, 2012).

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Cup-e sexdate pijpen neuken zuid holland
Neuken in Ede

Sample article layout (click on image for larger view). There is no need to include a blank line between a heading and sub-heading. Archived from the original (Audio interview/podcast) on April 27, 2015. The links in the "See also" section should be relevant, should reflect the links that would be present in a comprehensive article on the topic, and should be limited to a reasonable number. 26 Influences edit D'Elia has cited Bryan Callen, Eddie Murphy, and Jim Carrey 13 27 as major influences on his comedic career.

25 D'Elia lives in the Beachwood Canyon area of Los Angeles. 8 "See also" section See also: Wikipedia:Manual of Style/Embedded lists  Related topics (navigational lists) Contents: A bulleted list of internal links to related Wikipedia articles. More precisely, box-type templates such as Commons category shown at right have to be put at the beginning of the last section of the article (which is not necessarily the "External links" section) so that boxes will appear next to, rather than below, the list. "The Cast of "Undateable". King, Larry (June 11, 2014). Retrieved June 28, 2017. Consider using Columns-list or Div col if the list is lengthy. Radish, Christina (July 6, 2014).

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