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the location right in the centre makes it a great base to explore town. London, Gdansk, Faro and, antalya.

Almost all movies are subtitled and not dubbed, so you should be able to enjoy the movie in it's original language if you don't speak Dutch. Edit Because a tokyo sex dating lot of students live in Leeuwarden, there are also a lot of pubs. Edit Hotel 't Anker, Eewal 73, ( email protected. For those willing to make the trip, the city has lots of history to offer, plus an insight in the proud local culture of the Frisians. Edit Andere Koffie, Naauw. Edit is located at the trainstation and rents out bikes for around.50 euro per day. 19 Rent a bike at the train station (7,50 a day) and explore the surroundings of Leeuwarden. Op de achterste rij staan de sponsoren die al langer betrokken zijn bij GVL. Edit Grand Hotel Post-Plaza, Tweebaksmarkt 25-27, ( email protected. 28 Freeze Festival, Frisian music festival (September) 29 Noordelijk Film Festival, film festival in the art house cinema (November) 30 Explore the north, indie music and poetry festival in historical buildings around the city (November) 31 You can find many restaurants in Leeuwarden with many. Eindeloos, Korfmakersstraat 17, 31 (0),.

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