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Niels (1993). The frequency and dimensions of the secondary lamellae (among others constituting the form of the pores through which the respiration-water passes the number of filaments and the gill-area of the cichlids range as widely as those of other teleosts of the same size. The In Ovo method of determining a chicks sex while still in the egg is expected to reduce these numbers drastically. Small pores correlating with a streamlined body- form g Netherlands Journal of Zoology (in 2003 continued as Animal Biology) Brill gills. We are very pleased that this investment lets us contribute to more bisex vrouw zoekt stel ethical food production. . In Ovo, start-up In Ovo was founded in 2013 by the then. An explanation for this form-differentiation of the gills is sought in comparative functional morphology (including ecological and constructional morphology). Barel (Department of MorPhology, Zoological Laboratory, University. Accessed Richard Gill Distinguished Lorentz Fellow, News release, Leiden University.

Gill continued to collaborate with Danish (and Norwegian) statisticians for ten years, helping to write the book. Marrying a Dutch woman, he moved to the. Richard David Gill (born 11 September 1951) is a mathematician born in the United Kingdom who has lived in the. Sorting the chicks and killing the one-day-old males is a stressful process. This relation provides a major clue for analysing the functional morphology of cichlid gills. He has also worked on survival analysis, semiparametric models, causality, missing data, machine learning, and statistics in image analysis. Mathematical Statistics at CWI.